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Rented out to MAJOR BRANDS like Reliance trends, Anand Sweets, TYD and Euphoria.

Paul Plaza

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Our Promise

"We deeply value our tenants and their unique requirements. Their experiences are our responsibility."

Welcome to Paul Plaza, A statement of Luxury that emanates a blend of opulence and contemporary smart design, with an offering of more than 3,500 sq. ft of state-of-the-art rentable/leasable space that is ideal for value-conscious retail, Skin/IVF/Dental Clinics, reputed furniture brands, SMEs, co-working spaces and other such offerings. Coupled with an avant-garde “Optimal Column Free” design using a patented “COBIAX” system”, Paul Plaza stands unrivalled as an enduring landmark in North Bangalore.

Ground plus 3 Floors

3,500 sq.ft plus Leasable Area

64 Car Parks

OC Received
uniland real estate

Contains the mechanical stack car parking system, 2 Back up Gen Sets, Electrical Room, STP and other Infrastructure.

Ground Floor

Occupied by Reliance Trends & Anand Sweets

Typical Floor
Section Floor

The COBIAX SYSTEM - Maximizing load bearing ability at the lowest weight

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The patented “COBIAX” system comprises linear fixing elements, into which spherical void formers are integrated. At the centre of the “COBIAX” system is a void former made from plastic, which takes the place of the solid concrete within the reinforced slab. This not only reduces the weight and the amount of concrete used, but also makes it possible to construct Paul Plaza using thinner slabs and boasting significantly larger span lengths. The “COBIAX” system also enables a load transfer in two directions, meaning that the static performance and the external appearance of our “COBIAX” voided flat slabs remain fully preserved. These “COBIAX” voided flat slabs are custom designed by our in-house structural engineers and boast a general building supervision certification from the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt).


Due to their efficient use of materials, “COBIAX” voided flat slabs are up to 35 per-cent lighter than reinforced solid concrete slabs. This makes it possible to employ thinner slab thicknesses and larger span lengths, resulting in significant maximisation of space. There is also a decreased risk of deformations and cracks and the decreased weight also proves advantageous for the static analysis of the entire supporting structure, including the initial foundation of Paul Plaza.


“COBIAX” void former modules boast an excellent ‘eco-balance’ level. At the same time, emissions of environmentally toxic pollutants, such as CO2, are reduced by up to 20 per-cent. The positive impact of sustainability certificates, such as DGNB, LEED and BREEAM, also serves to increase the value of Paul Plaza.

Design Freedom

“COBIAX” voided flat plate slab systems enable larger areas to be spanned, at the same weight. Paul Plaza is structurally planned to have slimmer slabs and walls as well as fewer columns which results in pleasing aesthetics.


Paul Plaza is being built with a strong commitment to future-oriented solutions in the area of resource conservation and sustainability. By planning with “COBIAX”, Paul Plaza’s unique design sensibilities clearly underpins our innovativeness and commitment to modern, contemporary building methods.


A Synergy of Practicality and Convenience

Stack Parking

Built and Equipped with a superior, space-saving and a highly convenient car parking system that provides non-independent parking spaces for two cars


Combination of PT (Post Tension) Slab and Frame Structure with patented “COBIAX” System


Common Areas: Flush Doors with Polished Finish / Engineered Door and Frames
Entrance Lobby: Glass Door
Hardware: Ozone/Kich/Dorset / Equivalent Brand


Provision for Toilet in Retail: Plumbing and Drainage Lines Upto Ducts (Single Point)

Staircase Railing

MS Railing with Hollow Pipe Sections


Power Connection: Connection at Single Point


Braille - Enabled Control Panels Passenger Lifts (2 Nos: Schindler/KONE/OTIS)


Common Areas Only: Legrand /Anchor/ABB/Equivalent Brand

Security System

Access Control/ Intercom / CCTV


Typical Lift Lobby: Imported Marble/Natural Stone


Unitized Glazing System


Exterior: Acrylic Emulsion (Colour as suggested by Architect) Lobby: Texture/Paneling/ Stone Cladding/ Painting (As suggested by the Architect)


Key Differentiators

Our offer are well-planned retail and hospitality spaces with a great façade and ample visibility from the Hennur Main Road. Aesthetically planned signage spaces and unobstructed frontages will do wonders to lure walk-in customers and increase footfalls, thereby increasing value and profitability to potential tenants.

Other Advantages

  • Ground plus 3 floors of retail and hospitality spaces available for long-term rent/lease
  • Flexible space options, amidst an ideal and upscale ambience
  • Strategically located at a highly visible hotspot
  • Spaces that seize the attention of shoppers
  • Large and eye-catching façade offering high visibility
  • Expansive frontage with impressive displays
  • Located on Hennur Main Road-the next growth corridor in Bangalore
  • Optimum ceiling height and careful structural design using Post Tension slabs and patented “COBIAX” system

Quick View

  • Ground Plus 3 Floors
  • 3,500 sq. ft Plus Rentable/Leasable Area Available
  • 64 Car Parks
  • Air-conditioned Spaces
Notable Features
  • Prominently Located on Hennur Main Road (North Bangalore)
  • Zero Discharge Design
  • 100% Power Backup
  • Grade A Specs
  • Completely NBC, KFF and OC Compliant
  • Efficient Post Tension Slabs with Patented “COBIAX” System
  • Integrated Rainwater Harvesting
  • Eco-friendly Sewage Treatment Plant (Zero Odour)
  • Wheel Chair Accessible Common Areas
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